Enigma Machine Emulator

The emulator that used to be here has now been discontinued. It was over 12 years old and no longer maintained.

There are other emulators around which do more things (e.g., a wider variety of Enigma machines) and are actively maintained. For example: Universal Enigma-Simulation (others are available).

Default Settings

If you ever used this Enigma emulator to encode a message using the default settings, here they are so you can use them on another emulator:

Machine Type
M3 (army/navy -- 3 rotor)
Reflector (Umkehrwalze / UKW)
Wheel Settings
Rotors Left (3) Middle (2) Right (1)
Wheel Order* (Walzenlage) I II III
Ring Setting (Ringstellung) A (01) A (01) A (01)
Wheel Position** A (01) A (01) A (01)
* Note: the wheel order is, left to right, I, II, III -- some other emulators use III, II, I as default -- be careful!
** Ground/Indicator Setting (Grundstellung)

~ September 2019.